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Our clients are from different backgrounds but we find the financial issues they face are often quite similar. Our ultimate goal is to help them achieve their financial goals so they have more time for what is important to them. We believe that no two clients are the same which is why we provide tailored advice, so that successful people can focus on what they do best and leave the private wealth management to us.
What should I do today to set up my financial affairs for the future?"
How can I plan my finances so I don't have to worry about my child’s education?”
What provisions should I make for unforeseen circumstances?”

You most likely have daily stress with regards to caring for your children, managing demanding careers and paying your mortgage. Planning for the future and investing wisely have most likely taken a backseat in your priority list. Life is busy. This is when we can step in, set you on the right path and put your financial success first.


You are now closer to the end of your career than the start and you have found yourself thinking “Will I have enough?” You may be just a few years away from retirement and have children who are grown up and less dependent on you.

You have achieved a lot over your working life but are now moving toward a new life stage. With the complexities around superannuation and investing tax effectively you want to make smart decisions. It is important to have a trusted financial adviser who can work with you and help set your goals today for financial independence in the future.

How much can I spend for my child’s higher education?”
What should I start putting away if I want to retire soon?”
When can I reduce my workload without impacting my lifestyle?”
What would be the most effective way for me to buy another property?”
How do I plan my estate?”
How much can I comfortably spend in a year?”
How much risk do I need to take in my portfolio to achieve my goals??”
Financial Independence

Free from work, you rely on your investment assets to support your lifestyle. You now have the time to focus on yourself and your own hobbies, interests or causes. Your mortgage is paid off and you no longer have to worry about funding your children’s education. We can help you in every aspect of your financial plan, from building an appropriate investment portfolio, planning your estate and securing the freedom to do more of what you love.

Case studies

Creating a CFO’s Succession Plan

Creating a CFO’s Succession Plan

Making a plan that save money & time for a couple

Making a plan that save money & time for a couple

Putting a number on decades of experience

Putting a number on decades of experience

Helping a retired widow make the right financial choices

Helping a retired widow make the right financial choices

1. Business/career growth

Your business or career is taking off and what was previously more simple to manage is now becoming increasingly complex. You feel opportunities may be being missed but you don’t have the time or the expertise to identify the gaps.

2. Inheritance

You have just received a sizeable inheritance and your financial situation, goals and objectives have changed as a result. The inheritance is a legacy from your loved ones and you want to ensure you make smart decisions with it.

3. Divorce

After such a significant change in your personal life it is time to look to the future and a fresh start to your financial life. This is new, uncertain territory and you would appreciate a sounding board. We have helped other clients through this same situation, and with our advice will ensure you are well set up for your future.

4. Retirement

Stepping back or away from your work is exciting but also can be stressful to leave the security of your primary occupation. Whether it’s buying your dream home or planning travels abroad, wealth planning for your retirement will ensure that you have the freedom and financial security to do what you have always wanted to.

5. Children’s education

Educating your children or grandchildren is very important to you. But how can you be better prepared for this? How can I effectively invest money today for this future expense? How can I assist with children or grandchildren’s education costs without compromising my own financial plan?

6. Sale of business

You have put your heart, soul and potentially life’s work into building your business. The sale of it is a watershed moment. There are complicated legal and taxation issues but no-one is better placed than your financial adviser to bring all the parts together. How will I use the sale proceeds to fund my future?

7. Losing a partner

While no one wants to think about their partner’s demise, it can be financially complicated and many people are not prepared for it. We have helped many clients through these issues to ensure the surviving partner is well placed for the years ahead.

8. Downsizing

Life may be taking a more relaxed pace now and you have decided to simplify your life by downsizing your home or business. How to do this effectively for cashflow and tax? By how much do I need to downsize to ensure I have enough to fund what I want to do?

I am so glad that we were referred to Firstunity. It was very helpful to have a professional adviser steer us through the many decisions that we needed to make and to help us develop and then execute our financial plans.


Firstunity helped me immensely in getting the right investments for my SMSF. It was hard for me at first to admit that I needed help, but I feel so much better now, knowing that I am in good hands with professional people.


Retirement comes with its own perks but planning what to do with my estate and succession plan has been something that’s been nagging me for a while. The team at Firstunity were excellent, they hand-held me throughout the entire process to come up with a solution that worked for my entire family.


My husband and I run our own business and found we just didn’t have the time capacity to work on our family’s future financial plan. Firstunity helped us setup a diversified investment portfolio with sufficient cash flow and liquidity.


I’ve always had a set of different financial professionals working for me but they were not working well together. The team at Firstunity were able to bring my financial life together and manage my complex financial situation seamlessly.