Frequently asked questions

How much does an initial consultation cost?
Our initial consultation is always free.
What are the ongoing costs?
We operate with a transparent fee structure that is explained during the onboarding phase.
Will I always see the same adviser?
Yes as far as possible.
Will I be protected against investment losses?
Your adviser will work with you to create a strategy appropriate to your risk appetite.
How often will my statement of advice be reviewed?
You will have a formal review based on your service level and this frequency will be communicated to you by your adviser as part of our agreement.
Where will my money be held?
Your money will always be held in your name or under the investing entities’ name. Firstunity will advise you on investments but don’t hold any of your money directly.
Do you have any associations or partnerships which may influence your advice?
No. We give independent, conflict-free advice. We have no affiliations or share holdings which allows us to provide influence free advice.
Are there any risks attached to the products you recommend?
Every investment decision has some risk attached to it. Your adviser will assist you in constructing a portfolio that meets your specific requirements.
Do you have an office in the city?
Yes, we have an office at 10/25 Bligh St, Sydney NSW 2000.
Do I have enough money to see a financial adviser?
Our services and strategies are not linked to a client’s financial holdings. The complexity of their financial situation determines the level of involvement from our team.