Helping a retired widow make the right financial choices

About the client

Susie was in her early seventies and retired, and was living off an income generated by a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) that her late husband had established.  Susie’s husband managed the family finances but since he had passed away felt she probably needed some help. She wanted to know how to optimally manage her existing portfolio and luckily for her, was referred to Firstunity by her friends who were our existing clients.

The Challenge

As soon as we came on board we realised that her current portfolio needed to be diversified to reduce the risk of significant permanent loss. We had a thorough look at all of her investments, pension entitlements, and lifestyle requirements before creating a clear investment plan with a lower risk profile.

The Solution

The investment strategy we designed for her included an asset allocation profile that suited her investment return requirements and investment horizon. We then recommended specific investments that would see her achieve her financial goals without taking concentrated or excessive risk. Susie also signed up for our ongoing service program which gives her regular updates and reviews of her financial strategy and investments.


We gave Susie a clear strategy on how to best invest the fund in her SMSF. She also has a long-term plan for her retirement, which shows her exactly how much money she will have available to live off each year. This knowledge gives her the peace of mind that she will have enough money in her retirement to see her through for a very long time and the comfort that her financial adviser is available for her to reach out to at any time.


“Firstunity helped me immensely in getting the right investments for my SMSF. It has been a real burden for me before as I wasn’t sure if I should keep the investments my late husband had chosen many years ago and if they were still the right ones for the future. It was hard for me at first to admit that I needed help, but I feel so much better now, knowing that I am in good hands with professional people.”