Creating a CFO’s Succession Plan

About the client

Keith was originally referred to Firstunity by a business colleague. An international CFO who worked for a multinational group, he was financially astute but being from overseas, was not an expert on local markets, legislation and strategies.

The Challenge

Keith had always handled his family finances but wanted to make sure that there was a backup in place in case anything were to happen to him. He was looking for some longevity from a firm that would be around for years to come. This was in addition to all the usual requirements of making sure his more immediate retirement plan was in place and on track. This more immediate need included superannuation, investment and insurance strategies.

The Solution

Keith met with Firstunity who was not only able to provide structure and strategy to his retirement plan but also an estate and succession plan that would take care of his family if anything were to happen to Keith. This process included a complete investment, superannuation and estate planning review. Firstunity referred Keith to a solicitor to create new Wills, attended the meetings and managed the process to ensure everything was aligned.


Thanks to Firstunity’s sound financial advice and planning, Keith was able to retire and is now enjoying travel, photography, golf and spending more time with his family. Keith is expecting to have plenty more years ahead but should anything happen he knows his family’s affairs will continue to be managed effectively by a trusted team.


“Firstunity became a trusted partner and readily available sounding board in the successful development and execution of my retirement and succession structure.”